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Live/Out Loud

Letter From the Editor

Reviews are the lifeblood of performing arts organizations and artists. They’re necessary for generating new audiences, seeking funding, advancing in ascendancy and identifying artistic collaborators. Live/Out Loud is willing to bear the burden of criticality, and does so gleefully. Artists deserve to have their exertions rewarded by a thoughtful and serious attention.

Live/Out Loud was born in a starburst of inspiration on Christmas morning with a seed grant from the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation. We’ve exploded editorially and mean to keep the energy coming month after month.

Live performing artists in Santa Fe risk
much to give their all; now we can give them
something in return–our critical attention.

L/OL is meant to be a community newspaper devoted to the flourishing of local live performing arts, and there are many ways to participate: Read us and respond in letters to the editor. Send us your press releases. Write for us. Distribute L/OL in your place of business. Advertise in our pages.

With your support L/OL will be there to watch, to listen, to experience the wonders and feel the heat. Both to document and nurture what is proving to be an ever increasingly lively and diverse local live performing arts scene.

Thank you for reading,
Frances Madeson, Founding Editor